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With music as deeply connected to nature as the tree-laden mountains he calls home, Colorado musician f-ether has found a way to digitize the organic. But the concrete jungle has influenced his music just as powerfully, harboring a style all his own.

Not often after a show does the audience know how to classify his branch of electronic music, as it tends to be a juxtaposition of things they haven’t experienced before and things that they have, presented in a way they had never imagined. Although melodic, beat-influenced music and intricate compositions are where f-ether sharpens his edge, remixes are no daunting task to this producer. Having been previously recognized by A-Trak and Fool's Gold Records for his grand-prize winning remix in Grand Marnier’s 2015 #BlendOut competition, f-ether has gained traction as more than “just another DJ” in the electronic and beat scenes. Local publications have even gone as far as calling him “an experimental electronic dance music legend-in-the-making”, and his audiences have taken note of that as well (Tom Murphy, Queen City Sounds and Art).

f-ether creates a unique live performance through use of his experience as a producer, DJ, songwriter, and lifelong instrumentalist. He bridges the gap between what is tangible and what is ethereal through a melodic portrayal of abstract ideology, complex emotions, and the human condition in a way that words simply cannot grasp.

"He's also an Emoji Wizard" — Evergroove Studio

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